Psychic Peace Circle Berlin


The former "Medial Peace Circle Berlin" (MFK) was a psychoscientic research group of a high class. The members are assembled of scientists and teachers of different faculties. The two medias began their work in the age of 15 and 17 years. The working circle published his work in the years 1955 until 1975, parts of this have been translated into six world languages.

In more than 20 years the proof has been made that it is with good medias possible to connect a contact to the WORLD PLACED ABOVE and to correspond with high TEACHERS. On these contacts it depends on to connect a constant friendship to these CHARACTERS. This succeeded especially well to that time in the MFK-Berlin. The SPIRIT-LEADERS (LIGHT MESSENGERS) have prooved their reliability and TRUTH-LOVE in many years of tight Co-operation with the life plateau on earth.

The MFK-Berlin turned against every superstition and against every abnormal cult as well as against every overacting and fanaticism on all areas. Hereby the superstition has been investigated exactly from the existent TRUTH and differentiated. The working circle did not swarmed in religiousness but worked on a solid basis of science, the TRUTH and the mutual trust. The content of the medial transmitted texts and messages are speaking for itself. Limit Sciences is not a religion but an objective TEACHINGS which is based on proved facts.