Psychic Working Circle


In the 90th a group of interested people which wanted to proof the disputed connected contacts to spirit empire clearly and objectively have found together. The working circle, whose reports were published sporadically, developed original from a meditation group which began its medial activity first in October 1995. All ahead went the faith (as also on every other scientic research) that something could be made. The destination was to connect contacts to authorized TEACHERS OF THE LIGHT. Later the unchanged announcements should be passed to other interested people to form their own opinion.

First, they began to test in what way it is in general possible to separate announcements from the Dark Side (which the churches are warning of with right!) of announcements of the LIGHTFUL SIDE. With help of several independent medias and also technical utensil (Transcendental voices) they could reach their destination after several years.

The motive is the key!

The most difficult duty is it now to let influx the "new" KNOWLEDGE into the daily life. Only on this way the aspired individual DESTINATION OF LIFE can be reached.

All members of the working circle are working without exception in their professions and are performing their medial work with the investment of private methods. Public commotion is avoided consciously for not to be turned away from the internal target. Religion and fanaticism are lying - as is well known - close together; to this danger the group is especially looking after!

As editor of "Psychoscientic Limit Areas" I have also the opinion that the "stages" of the mass medias like press, radio and TV are not suitable for a serious spiritual research. But the results of the work of this group until now are of a great common interest after the opinion of many readers so that this work will also be put at the Internet for discussion in the framework of "Psychoscientic Limit Areas". Even the reader should descide.

Bad Salzuflen, June 1999