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Question : Some scientists insist that there is not going to be a future polar shift, but that the Earth

will tilt, to what degree is this statement correct?

Answer : These experts are



The catastrophe will start at both poles.

Question : How great is the danger of a collision with a huge piece of debris from space in the

near future, like a planetoid, comet, meteor etc?

Answer : The possibility that meteors might collide with your Earth - at sometime in the future

- seems to fascinate the press.

At this point in time

, the earth is

well shielded

by the

spaceships of the SANTINER. The SANTINER break them up and de-materialise


Question : I was asked the question: “How can we store provisions if we do not know



will take place?” I find this question absolutely justified.

Answer : It isn’t quite right. Of what use would it be to you if I tell you that the Earth will be

destroyed in 2003? - Live in the


and try to align your consciousness with the

CREATOR’S in a divine sense, so that the ENERGY of the LIGHT you



shine around the world.

Objection : What would happen if you would give us credible times and dates?

Answer : An inner panic would be the result. How could you then guide these souls onto the

correct path?

Objection : It isn’t absolutely clear how we would react to this ourselves- in spite of all our


Answer : This fear is human. Allow it to express itself, because this fear must find its own way

so that it doesn’t block the



Question : Can you tell us something in regards to Hermann Ilg’s scriptures?

Answer :

You can distribute these scriptures to other readers in good faith. The connection there

is a positive one and the work performed has become more intensive.

Question : The time factor on Earth is supposed to be different from that of the extraterrestrials

who visit Earth. Is this correct?

Answer : As the “extraterrestrial” - in inverted commas - possess a


body, a


life style and a


life expectancy, time no longer presents a hindrance to them.

Time has been conquered.

Question : Why is so much interest shown in the Earth and its inhabitants?