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fissures towards the centre of the Earth. The inner structure, the INNER CLOCK,


suffered some damage.

Question : What can you tell us in regards to the over-utilization of raw materials?

Answer : This is more within the surface structure. More destructive are your nuclear tests,

because every atom possesses an INNER CORE and it sends its FREQUENCIES

towards the Earth’s


- and this in a destructive manner.

Question : Are we dealing with FREQUENCIES we are not yet able to measure?

Answer : That’s how it is, your technology does not yet allow you to do so.

Question : What effects have these polar shifts on Mother Nature and on human beings?

Answer : The whole climate will change and undergo a shift. Floods will take place. There will



displacements of the Earth’s surface (landslides). Volcanoes will erupt anew.

You can expect a displacement of the Earth’s surface in some areas.

Question : Measurements indicate that the Earth’s magnetic field has been diminishing for a

number of centuries. How high is the probability of a reversal of the Earth’s polarity?

Answer : We would like to inform you that this reversal could take place.

Question : Do the SANTINER have the opportunity to interfere?

Answer : The SANTINER will


interfere with the domain of


consciousness and


free will.

Question : Even if mankind destroys the whole planet?

Answer : It wasn’t meant like that. The SANTINER are prepared, if it should come to this, to

fulfil their assignment here on Earth. The SANTINER - and this is what we meant -


not here

to interfere with and to change your free will decisions through inspiration.

Otherwise they would


your path.

Question : How stable is the Earth’s axis

at present


Answer : At this point in time the Earth’s axis is


stable. The opportunity to maintain the

Earth’s stability is there. The SANTINER are presently engaged in

cleansing the


and in


, particularly in regards to plants and minerals.

Question : There exist statements by aircraft captains that report sightings of giant spaceship over

the Earth’s Polar Regions. What is the meaning of this?

Answer : There are two spaceships are there

to affect a balance

between the two poles. You

must look upon this as if a house of a relative solid construction is propped up on the

outside in order to make it more stable.