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Answer : A number of


mediums deal with this evacuation. The end of times

will come


when, where and how is presently unfathomable for you, because time is an illusion.

If we would give you a date, the guarantee that it would eventuate on that date is not

given. This does


mean that the transmissions you receive in regards to the end

times are incorrect and that it will


take place. Only the point in time, the way you

envisage it with day, month and year, is presently


predictable. You receive

indicators through mediums who are


connected with ASHTAR

SHERAN’S flotilla.

It would be a sad state of affairs if one would lose one’s faith and one’s positive

manner of thoughts due to these transmissions. This is of particular importance in


day and age!

What is offered by the SANTINER is a CONTINGENCY PLAN for something that


eventuate. This doesn’t mean that it


take place. A lot of things are

changeable and subject to the vicissitudes of time.

Question : In regards to UFOS, a lot of facts are distorted by the mass media. How can we relate

to people that UFOS


exist, if hardly any appear in the skies over Germany to

give our words


? We need backing!

Answer : Dear friends, you will make contact with people to affect an interchange that is

predestined, especially when the evacuation is


. If this should come to pass,

the SANTINER will do what is necessary.

Question : With the help of radio telescopes, scientists scan the heavens in search of radio signals

from extraterrestrial life forms. Why do the SANTINER not furnish these radio signals

en masse and worldwide, so that even ham radio operators could receive these signals?

The speculation of whether intelligent life exists out there in the universe would be

dealt with once and for all. One could no longer hide the facts.

Answer : It would be as if you would switch your radio on to hear a native in the jungle beat his

drums. You would not be able to make a connection. Making contact is difficult,

because the technical means

do not suffice


Objection : This is incomprehensible to me. Any fool on Earth can build a radio transmitter. It

really should not cause any problems to the SANTINER to build a transmitter whose

signals can be picked up down here.

Answer : The transmitter does exist and it is called



Objection : But

not everybody

can receive telepathic messages, at least not consciously.

Answer : But this is the

first step

in regard to


one’s soul and in regards to the new

consciousness of the age.

Question : This is apparently


to be accomplished with the help of technology?

Answer : This would be much too simple.