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prepared to apply themselves on behalf of the Earth, how many are prepared to

sacrifice time and money on behalf of the Earth. Should these endeavours



acknowledged? - How many plants have returned TO THIS PLANET with their

NATURE SPIRITS, how many rivers have been cleansed and brought back to life

with the help of creatures…?


not only

see the negative, it clouds your perception of the overall picture! You

can only grow through



You, as human beings, stand at the


of your decision to either consciously grow

or destroy life in everything: Animals, plants even

your own

life! - As a unit, you have


free will

, apply it in a more


sense and things will change for the better.

Do remember: As members of this work circle, you have the opportunity to look

beyond the end of your noses! If the day should come, it will come. Do not stress your

soul and your mind.

Question : Through our mass media we hear almost exclusively


things. Nobody has the

complete overview to separate the truth from untruth. We read about broken oil

pipelines in the Russian Taiga nobody cares about, about the Brazilian rainforests that

are deforested, a second or third Chernobyl is on the cards…What else must take place

before GOD will say: “Enough is enough”? - HIS PATIENCE is admirable!

Answer : It is not the CREATOR who carries out the destruction, but


! - Man sometimes

needs a longer period of the CREATOR’S PATIENCE in order

to see the error

of his

ways and to recognise that Mother Nature strikes back. This is also one of Mother

Nature’s LAWS! Think of all the earthquakes triggered by

nuclear tests


Only you, living here and now on the lease GOD granted you, namely “Earth”, have

the opportunity to make changes. This is a task for the souls that are


born and that

are already on this planet.


judge yourselves,


the CREATOR! - HE gave you

the option of an incarnation here on this planet. Most of you


to come to this

planet. Therefore treat this lease arrangement with


. The CREATOR will ask

every one of you

to give back the lease HE granted you!

Objection : We are grateful that we may look beyond our noses. But the destruction of the

environment around us has unfortunately a grave mental effect on every one of us.

Having to observe all of this is difficult.

Answer : The negative can only be




thought processes.

Question : If further nuclear disasters take place, the planet will surely be exposed to extreme

radioactivity. Would an earthly incarnation then still make sense?

Answer :


further incarnations will then take place on this planet.

Question : Are there any SANTINER living on Earth at this point in time?

Answer : Yes, a lot and anticipating your next thought, they’re represented in many


Question : Is the so-called “evacuation” still on the cards?