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Many souls are on the right track and they are prepared to allow the divine SPARK to

shine. But this takes time and patience.

Question : Why the SANTINER behave

so reserved

is enigmatical. This has led to a situation

here on Earth where they are not taken serious enough. The negatively acting

extraterrestrials on the other hand are

very active

with their abductions and they make

headlines. Isn’t there a danger that the SANTINER lose ground because of their


Answer :

No, their time will come!

- People who live openly and in a divine SENSE

do have

contact. Either through




or through their

astral journeys


If you were aware of everything, you would be astonished about the number of times

you had contact with your FRIENDS, the SANTINER, and how often you were

instructed by them and had conversations with them!

Question : We have a written enquiry here by a reader from Ronneburg. At the end of his letter

he writes: “… In connection with our anticipated removal from planet Earth I salute

you very cordially…” It is quite obvious that a lot of people hope for enrapture,

respectively an evacuation from planet Earth by the SANTINER. I am not all too sure

whether preparations in regards to this


exist. Isn’t it more of a case where people

have to lie in the bed they have made for themselves?

Answer : Remember the LAW:

What you have sown, you will reap!

Man here on Earth has it

within its powers to decide whether the world and their faith, their inner attitude, will

change. Only

you, as human beings

here on Earth, can fight the negative through your

consciousness and by


your thoughts… (Break in communication.)

Whether the VIBRATIONS here on Earth will alter into something positive or not is

still in the balance. You, as a great brotherhood, have the assignment of elucidation

and of bringing about change and by distributing your brochures, you make your own

contribution. Only



the people

here on Earth, can



The SANTINER are prepared


you and to make you CONSCIOUSLY

AWARE, in order to HELP to


the true FAITH.

You know that there is


to Heaven and Earth than meets the eye, otherwise you

would not be sitting here as a group. Be prepared and open to find out


so that

you can


expand your consciousness. - But

not all

souls can undertake this step.

Others need


means, think of ufology and tape-recording research. The

SANTINER have come to you as MESSENGERS and they are here to indoctrinate

you. What will eventually develop from this is presently not foreseeable.

Question : The question is how much longer will planet Earth tolerate the rape of its environment?

Many fields are over-fertilised or poisoned altogether. Many newborn babies suffer

from allergies or contract cancer at an early age. What sense is there in an earthly

incarnation if the necessary basics for a life on Earth are no longer available?

Answer : You are correct, the Earth can only put up with a

certain amount

of destruction. What

is correct is that

you do

this as souls, as human beings, either consciously or

subconsciously. But do not disregard the other side of the coin: How many people are