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Question : How or from what did the body of homo sapiens develop from?

Answer :

The body of terrestrial man was created through materialisation executed by more

eminent BEINGS.

When the souls received their bodies here on Earth from extraterrestrial BEINGS, it

was akin to an evolutionary

leap forward

. In its functionality and its life style, the body



to the conditions that prevailed

at that time

. It was a


spiritual form

that took up its development here on Earth.

Question : Did this evolutionary incision take place during the time of Neanderthal Man?

Answer : This incision was made


to that.

It was


an act of pairing two bodies to propagate, but a materialisation, initiated

by the CREATOR in order to offer these souls a history of development.

Question : Could the CREATOR have carried out these materialisations himself?

Answer : The CREATOR possesses such a high FREQUENCY of VIBRATION that the soul

would simply

break apart

. HE wants to see HIS children grow and mature and


destroy them.

Question : Cases of hypnotic regressions are reported where the test subject saw himself in the

role of an extraterrestrial visitor to this planet in a previous existence. What can you

tell us in regards to this phenomenon?

Answer : This statement, demonstrating the regression to a previous existence, does not



that these souls were extraterrestrials in the past. The fact is that after

their demise here on Earth, these souls spend time


of the Earth’s sphere of

influence for TRAINING PURPOSES and this is why they are able to bring these sorts

of remembrances with them.

Question : There were a lot of reports in the papers about the weather phenomenon called “El



recently and it was depicted as a natural occurrence. What can you tell us about


Answer : This is


a natural occurrence, but one initiated by extraterrestrials.

Objection : I had assumed that this weather phenomenon was directly linked to our nuclear tests

and that it was the natural reaction of a sensitive Mother Nature.

Answer : No, these “natural catastrophes” serve the purpose of

enriching the oceans with




El Nino is a South Pacific climatic anomaly that recurs every two to seven years. The effects on the weather patterns between South East Asia

and the Americas are dramatic. Whilst the underlying causes of this phenomenon are shrouded in mystery, scientist can reasonably accurately say

just what causes an El Nino. They talk about an El-Nino-South-Oscillation, which is simply a periodical fluctuation of the atmospheric pressures

in the Pacific region.